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We are ED General Contractor a construction company, our concrete, demolition, pad site preparation, services.

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* Driveways, Slabs, Patios, Sidewalks

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Concrete Driveways | Slabs | Foundation & Land Leveling

Also Serving Spring Tx | Cypress | Humble | Atascocita | Conroe | Pearland | The Woodlands | Tomball | Richmond | Katy Tx | Houston and the Surrounding Area.

EDM General Contractors provides home and business owners with home improvement services that involve concrete, demolition, grading, land leveling, and power washing. We repair cracks in your concrete, asphalt, and sidewalk surfaces; we replace damaged surfaces with new material; we work on new construction as well! Add pavers to your patios, driveways, walkways, garages, and pools.

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EDM and his team did a great job installing our new concrete patio and garage. Its very reasonably priced and was very responsive. We are very happy with the final product and will be recommending it to our friends and neighbors.


Danny G Cardona

I hired EDM last month to build a freestanding covered patio and remove my existing pool cover and replace it with stamped concrete. The project went perfectly.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Could I at any point pour concrete for more than 2 days?

Albeit substantial will solidify not long after pouring, it's as yet helpless to harm from weight during the initial a month. Stand by something like 24 hours prior to permitting people strolling through, including pets, on a recently poured walkway or chunk, and don't drive a vehicle on the carport for no less than 10 days


We suggest stopping in various regions in your carport inside the initial a year. Kindly don't make sharp tire turns during this time span, as this could scrape your introduced concrete.

It's best not to leave a camper or enormous apparatus truck on your carport for most year, and try not to drive on the sides of your carport, as these are the most un-solid regions.

What amount of time does 4 inches of concrete take to cure?

While it just requires about 28 days to fix concrete, drying can require months. The overall guideline of thumb is that substantial requires around 30 days to dry for each one inch of section thickness.

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Best Concrete Contractor near me in Houston, Texas | Exceptional service at competitive prices.

Concrete Contractor Near Me Get Professional Concrete Services for Driveways | Terraces | sidewalks and gardens

Concrete to swimming pools | entrances | patios | garages | pedestrian areas | residential & commercial and more.

We repair cracks in your concrete asphalt and sidewalk surfaces:

we replace damaged surfaces with new material | we work on new construction as well! Add pavers to your patios | driveways | walkways | garages | and pools.

That is why today we want to show you several types of concrete for floors.


Various types of concrete for floors

Among the many utilities that concrete pavements have, their use favors the most adverse conditions. In this sense, we can classify them as follows:

• Industrial flooring

Industries require resistant, waterproof, non-slip floors that can withstand daily traffic. Many companies handle heavy machinery, chemicals, and corrosive substances, so the floors must withstand these types of conditions. These properties guarantee a good operation, avoid possible accidents and also favor an aesthetic that is easy to integrate.

Normally carried out with industrial, professional, or semi-professional concrete mixers, advanced techniques guarantee excellent results. These surfaces are created to withstand loads very well and not accumulate dirt due to the various tasks in each sector. Among their many advantages, they are easy to clean, require little maintenance and stand out for their durability.

• Printed or stamped concrete

The popularity of this type of flooring is the product of the variety of possible finishes and its great adaptation to various conditions. They are usually manufactured with electric, gas, or diesel concrete mixers, include different patterns, textures, and colors, and offer great firmness.

Since they can incorporate both fine and coarse, this flexibility makes them ideal for complementing many structures. Stamped concretes are carried out by professionals who manage their construction machinery and the stamping process well. It is a highly sought-after product that can be found in driveways, gardens, garages, parks, schools, boulevards, walkways, and more. They also stand out for their great beauty, low maintenance, weather resistance, low wear, and durability.

• Polished concrete

In this category, we have also wanted to include this alternative with which attractive and resistant results are obtained. Also called floated, it shares similar characteristics with the stamped variant. This product is indicated for both internal and external areas and can be used on floors and walls. Polished concrete requires industrial or DIY concrete mixers, depending on the size of the work. They are generally applied in garages, lofts, commercial galleries, industrial buildings, warehouses, and more. Due to their treatment, they have a retro, shiny marble effect and may include crystals.

• Continuous concrete

Like asphalt, concrete has proven to be quite effective in covering exterior surfaces in a continuous layout. Through the use of advanced machinery such as tractor-mounted or transportable concrete mixers, stable structures can be created that incorporate special joints or not and whose extension could extend for kilometers.

Due to their waterproof, malleable, and highly durable properties, they are also used to fill other damaged surfaces. It is a material that easily adapts to the conditions of any floor, resists the elements very well, and is very viable despite the many innovations on the market.

Although there are many types of concrete for floors, this time we have summarized a sample of its versatility so that you can consider its application both indoors and outdoors. Article Concrete Contractor Near Me.


What's stronger cement or concrete?

Let us get started with the basics: concrete is substantially more powerful than cement. Cement can be a sturdy product in its individual suitable, nevertheless it simply just isn't going to Evaluate concrete. This is exactly why cement is frequently used for scaled-down, much more attractive tasks.

What results in one of the most problems with concrete installation?

  • Causes of very poor concrete set up.
  • Negative weather conditions. Concrete requires heat and dryness to be established properly.
  • Mistaken Water.
  • Bad Elements.
  • Shoddy Technique.
  • Bleeding.
  • Delamination.
  • Honeycombing.
  • Cracking.

A lot more…•

Why is concrete gray?

Now, The explanation that cement is grey has got to do With all the manufacture of Portland Cement. In cement production, Iron Ore is made used as among the principal constituents, and Iron Ore is black in shade, so when it is mixed and melted with other elements it tints the cement grey.

What results in holes in new concrete?

Bug holes are surface voids that outcome from your migration of entrapped air (and also to a lesser extent drinking water) to your contemporary concrete-variety interface.

How are you going to convey if the concrete is weakened?

Cracks showing up during the concrete: A person's indication that the concrete may have repair service operation is the appearance of cracks.

An uneven physical appearance: Yet another signal that concrete fix perform is necessary is In case your concrete flooring, exterior places, or walls feel uneven.

Pooling of drinking water on concrete structures:

Obvious indications of growing older

Which cement is more robust white or grey?

The creation of white concrete by using a compressive power between twenty-five and fifty Mpa is feasible by using white cement. It absolutely was also discovered in the study that white concrete experienced increased compressive power than normal grey concrete. The power in OPC cement emanates from the calcium aluminate current in it.

Does cracked concrete have to get replaced?

The good news is you do not need to exchange it! Restoring concrete is An economic difference and can have the world searching for good in no time. When you are pondering offering your home, this is undoubtedly 1 enhancement to create. You will discover distinct Added benefits to repair compared to substitution In terms of concrete.

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